Quality Service Center now offers a Women’s Car Care Class in York, PA! Join us for an informative and fun class that includes learning more about how your vehicle works and tips on how to better maintain your vehicle. We know that it can be intimidating for anyone to visit a repair shop without having much knowledge when it comes to their car and auto repair in general. The goal of this class is to help you be more informed about your vehicle so that you never fear the auto repair shop again.


Our Women’s Car Care Class is hands on and includes getting an up close and personal look at vehicles and how they work. We also show you in person how to perform things like changing a tire, safely jump starting a vehicle, and much more. We also show you under the hood and the underneath of a car and pinpoint important areas to know such as where fluids are, the battery, engine, certain belts, hoses, and more.


Along with meeting other women interested in learning more about vehicles in your community, we also provide a snack table with complimentary food and drinks, door prizes, and fun games to make your time at our class enjoyable! We cover a large amount of topics during the class that will discuss repairs, maintenance, and general car tips and information including the following:


  • Why car fluids need to be changed and when fluid maintenance is due
  • When to change the timing belt, serpentine belt, and hoses
  • How to test a car battery and when the battery needs to be replaced
  • How to check tire pressure and how to know how much air to put in your tires
  • What the numbers represent on the side of your tires
  • What to look for when purchasing tires
  • When tires should be replaced
  • How often you need a wheel alignment
  • The meaning behind dashboard lights
  • What to do if your check engine light comes on
  • How to change a flat tire
  • What is underneath your vehicle in terms of components/parts
  • What do shocks and struts do
  • How does the brake system work and what does it look like
  • When brakes need to be serviced/replaced and when brake fluid needs to be changed
  • How to jump start a vehicle safely


If you’re interested in attending our next Women’s Car Care Class at Quality Service Center in York, PA, please contact us today and reserve your spot! Spaces are limited.


Call: 717-792-0948 | Text: 717-793-6813

Email: [email protected]


2nd Women's Car Care Class Gallery

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